Room Bookings

Classrooms can be booked for classes by instructors before the start of the term or during the term depending on its availability.

Rooms can be booked by contacting the Front Desk at:

Every classroom has standard furniture layout of, chairs and boards that are established at the start of the term. Any requests that require changes to the standard layout will require advanced notification a minimum of two days in advance. We encourage you to notify us as early as possible. The earlier you notify us, the more options will be available to you.

To request changes in a room layout, please contact Johnny Bui at:

Changes to the layout of a room require extra planning and might require extra services. If rearrangements can't be made, the University of Toronto moving services will usually be contacted. You should have a budget for these services-- otherwise your request will be denied.

You can re-arrange the standard furniture by yourself or employ your students in class. If you rearranged the room or bring in furniture from other locations please return the room to its typical set-up at the end of each class.

AV/ Projectors

All classrooms are equipped with projectors or TV Screens, ceiling or wall-mounted speakers, a projector screen, and an AV computer connected to the network and all of the classroom equipment. The AV equipment is usually controlled by operating the AV wall plate (shown below).

The AV wall plate allows you to turn on/off the projector, change the volume of the amplifier, and lower the screen or switch inputs.

You can connect your own laptop, or any other AV equipment, to our classroom projection system with either a VGA/RGB (BNC15 connector), HDMI or a 3.5mm audio or component video (RCA) and two analog audio line-in (2x RCA). To switch between the AV computer and your laptop, or external AV equipment, press corresponding buttons on the face plate: PC1 (AV computer), PC2 (laptop), or Video (AV equipment like VCR, DVD, etc).

We encourage instructors to get accustomed to the control tools and equipment in advance to lecturing. While most PowerPoint presentations will run smoothly on our AV computers, some with embedded videos might require an extra check for compatibility. Please test your presentations in advance. Ask the Technology Services department if you have tested your presentation and found difficulties in running it.

Please check our page on presentations: Presentations.


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