Model Workshop

The model workshop provides a safe, well-equipped environment in which students and faculty can explore three-dimensional construction using a wide variety of materials. The supervisors (as well as experienced students) provide assistance with the processes of fabrication and assembly, use and respect for hand and machine tools, together with appropriate safety procedures. The model workshop can be accessed from the lower level of the Daniels faculty building. 




10:00 AM TO 10:00 PM


Weekend openings can be made available with a written request from your instructor 5 business days in advance

Using the Model Workshop

Students will be introduced to the model workshop in class during their first term of study. They will be taught the general rules, layout, and what equipment and materials are available.

When students require the use of specific and more advanced tools they should individually visit the workshop to obtain an initial training session. Contact Johnny Bui ( to arrange a time for the initial training session. The session is 3 hours long. Trainees will also be required to complete a self-directed shop project on their own time.This project must be done within a week of the initial training session. The shop will provide the material and the final project is yours to keep. 


The model workshop is equipped with a large variety of tools that are available for student use. Many of the tools are permanent fixtures in the workshop, but may change without notice.


Materials can be purchased in the model workshop. A list of available materials and their costs can be found below.


A variety of resources and information are avaible in the shop. Below is a list of local material and tool suppliers.  The shop office also has a resource library featuring books on woodworking, model making, and design.  


For more information contact Johnny Bui, Workshop Technologist & Facilities Officer


Please send cut-list to