Timetable & Registration

* NOTE to students: Summer 2017 is the last time ARC313H1 & ARC314H1 will be offered. The replacement studio ARC361Y1/ARC363Y1 (a full 1.0 FCE taught in a single term ie. Y1F or Y1S) will be offered in the 2017-2018 academic term.

2016-17 Fall/Winter Timetable and Registration Instructions

UPDATED 2017 Summer Timetable and Registration Instructions

NEW Course Description: ARC399H1

ARC399H1 is a two-week intensive workshop (June 12-23) that offers students the unique opportunity to design and build a structure as part of their undergraduate education. Students will spend the first week in a studio setting (M-F, 4 hours/day) on the St. George campus, designing and prototyping a collaborative project using both digital and analog tools and materials. During the second week, students are expected to be available to spend time overnight at Hart House Farm where they will assemble the structure they have designed. There will be ancillary fees associated with this course to offset transportation costs. Students will be expected to organize and purchase their own food and beverages for the trip. This course is limited to those students who have already completed ARC313H1 and will be considered an exclusion for ARC314H1.

Application: In a brief paragraph (maximum 250 words), please describe how you will gain a better understanding of the role of the architect through this collaborative design-build studio. Applications should be emailed to ugdirector@daniels.utoronto.ca as early as possible and no later than Friday April 21st.