Ancillary Fees

Here you will find information on fees. You will be able to see how much tuition and certain services at the Daniels Faculty will cost. The largest expense will be the annual tuition fees and residence (if applicable). You will also need to consider other expenses such as living costs, accommodation fees and study materials. A wide range of financial support is available to help you cover the cost of your studies, throughout the duration of your degree. Please see the Financial Support page for either Current Graduate students or Current Undergraduate students.

Tuition Fees

U of T does not mail fee invoices to students. You are informed of fees payable by way of the Student Web Service (ROSI) where you may view your account in invoice format. Every transaction is posted to your account. All students are expected to monitor all account activity. Tuition is updated in real time and always reflects the most current situation.

 Notify all graduate units of your decision to accept/decline their offers of admission. Otherwise, you will be invoiced for all programs to which you have been admitted.

Once your fees are paid, you will be considered a registered student. You must pay the minimum payment to register or your full fees by the deadline for that semester. Graduate and Undergraduate deadlines vary. For registration steps and deadlines and current tuition fee schedules, visit the Student Accounts website.

Please click here for information on tuition fees for all University of Toronto Graduate students.

Information on tuition fees for Undergraduate students may be found here:

Ancillary Fees 2016-17

Please note the Ancillary Fees highlighted below for the 2015-16 academic year for your reference. A complete listing may be found on the University of Toronto's Planning and Budget website at

If you are a new student who would like to pay your FOB access key deposit or a current student in need of a replacement FOB, please see Category 6.6 below.