Tuition Fees

Registration Deadline

What is the difference between enrolment and registration? To enrol, you add courses. To register, you pay your tuition and incidental fees, or register without payment (defer fees).

The deadline by which you must pay at least the minimum required payment or defer your fees depends on whether you plan to register in the Fall-Winter term, Fall term only, or Winter term only.

Students can check their Account Invoice on the Student Web Service/ACORN, where they will find their account balance, other account details, and a link to the fee payment and service charge billing schedules on the Student Accounts website. The Student Accounts website posts all official fee information. Please familiarize yourself with this information as it is your responsibility to fund your studies and to make yourself aware of payment deadlines.

Minimum Required Payment (MRP) to Register

Students will have the following options for registering:

1) Students can pay for the Fall (September-December), and Winter (January-April) sessions separately according to the timelines in the charts below

2) They can pay the entire Fall-Winter (Sept-April) by the recommended deadline of 26 August 2016

3) Eligible students who have an OSAP assessment or other government loan assessment greater than $1 before the end of the registration period are required to defer to register without payment*

4) Students with a graduate funding package or a major award that exceeds the Minimum Payment to Register amount on their ACORN invoice are required to defer to register without payment before the end of the registration period*

*Students cannot defer their fees if they have any outstanding fees (arrears) from a previous academic session.

Detailed information, including tuition, refund schedules, and payment and service charge deadlines, is available on the Student Accounts website. General fees information can also be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.

Payment Information and Timelines

Please read the information below that pertains to your specific situation. For information on how to make a fee payment, please visit the Student Accounts website.