Employment Opportunites

The John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design advertises CUPE positions for Teaching Assistants, Chief Presiding Officers, and Invigilators online and on our CUPE bulletin board located on the ground floor of 230 College Street adjacent to the Workshop Office. These positions are posted as needed for Daniels Faculty courses/final examinations in accordance with the respective CUPE local 3902 Collective Aggreement. Daniels staff and faculty also post work study positions through the Career Centre for administrative and research assistant positions. In addition to the jobs offered by the Daniels Faculty, students are encouraged to apply for positions throughout the University.

Teaching Assistantships

The John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design offers a variety of Teaching Assistantship positions each session for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Applications can be made using the link below (if the link is unavailable, please use the PDF application also below).  Students are expected to ensure that the Teaching Assistant positions they have applied to, do not conflict with their core courses.  Students are expected to attend a combination of Lectures, Practicals & Tutorials, depending on the course.

Undergraduate Studio Courses – TAs are expected to attend the weekly practical only.*

Undergraduate Lecture Courses (No Tutorial) – TAs are expected to attend the weekly lecture.*

Undergraduate Lecture Courses (with Tutorial) – TAs are expected to attend the weekly lecture, plus one section of the tutorial. *

Graduate Courses – TAs are expected to attend the weekly lecture.*

*Please note that Head TAships positions may have additional requirements.


Summer TAships:


Posting Date:  March 15, 2017

Application Deadline:  April 7, 2017

Offer Letters:  April 22, 2017


Students are expected to choose electives that will not conflict with their Teaching Assistantship obligations.  All Sections that require TAs are listed in the positions coloumn.  Before you applying you must make sure the course you are applying for does not conflict with any of your core courses.

Sessions currently advertised:

Summer 2017

Applications are due by April 7, 2017.  Please use the application form below to apply. 

Application Form

All applications must include application form, cover letter and resume.  Applications can be submitted to applications@daniels.utoronto.ca. 

If you have any questions regarding the TA postings, please contact Heather Huckfield heather.huckfield@daniels.utoronto.ca

Chief Presiding Officers and Invigilators

The John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design hires Chief Presiding Officers and Invigilators to preside over final examinations held in the examination period of each academic term as required.

Sessions currently advertised:

Winter 2017


Chief Presiding Officers will act on behalf of the Office of the Registrar and Student Services in administering Faculty final examinations in strict accordance with Faculty procedures and regulations.  They will be responsible for picking up examination materials; opening and organizing examination rooms; making announcements; distributing examination books and question papers; collecting student signatures; dealing with emergency situations such as ill students, fire alarms, etc.; returning materials to the Office of the Registrar and Student Services; maintaining the confidentiality of examination materials; and carrying out the directives contained in the procedures and regulations governing Faculty final examinations. Occasional attendance at meetings and tribunals is required.


Positions are available only to students enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto.  First consideration will be given to graduate students with experience in conducting Faculty final examinations.  General qualifications include: ability to carry out procedures under pressure using tact and judgement, ability to effectively direct large groups, and ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Application Procedure

Application forms, to which a resume may be attached are available at the front desk 230 College Street and below. Application deadlines are posted here and on our CUPE bulletin board located on the ground floor of 230 College Street adjacent to the Workshop Office.

Download and save the application form.

PLEASE NOTE: While all applications for these positions are appreciated, only those candidates that are selected for an interview will be contacted.  Thank you.

Updated: March 6 2017   xc: CUPE Local 3902, fax: 593-9866

Work-study and Other On-Campus Positions

Working on campus throughout the school year, or over the summer, can be a great way to explore different careers, build skills that you enjoy using, make some extra money and get experience that will impress employers. Please visit the Career Centre website for available on-campus work opportunities. All students should review this information as changes to the work-study program eligibility have been made in the past two years.

Career Centre Resources

Not sure how to start your job search? The University of Toronto's Career Centre provides you with access to the latest career resources. To find out more about building your skills on-campus and off as well as exploring what the Career Centre has to offer, visit the Career Centre online or on campus at the Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College Street.