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New Books

December 2018
Building physics of the envelope : principles of construction.
NA2941 .B845 2018
Paczowski & Fritsch Architects.
NA1174.3 .P239 A4 2018
Geuze, Adriaan; Vasini, Daniel Frontier City : Strategies for Boston Harbor.
HT394 .B6 F76 2018
Aranda, Julieta;Kuan Wood, Brian; Vidokle, Anton Supercommunity : diabolical togetherness beyond contemporary art.
N72 .S6 S86 2017
Batista, Anamarija; Kovács, Szilvia; Lesky, Carina Rethinking density : art, culture, and urban practices.
NA9031 .R48 2017
Bielefeld, Bert Building contract.
NA1996 .B48413 2018
Brooker, Graeme; Stone, Sally Rereadings : interior architecture and the design principles of remodelling existing buildings.
NA2850 .B76 2004
Certomà, Chiara; Tornaghi, Chiara Urban gardening as politics.
SB453 .U724 2019
Fernández-Galiano, Luis Norman Foster : common futures. AV Monographs; 200.
NA997 .F65 A4 2017
Glass, Tamie Prompt : socially engaging objects and environments.
NA2542.4 .G573 2018
Kaufmann, Hermann ; Krötsch,Stefan; Winter, Stefan Manual of multi-storey timber construction.
TH1101 .K38 2018
Kazi, Fawad; Sauer, Marko; Wieser, Christoph Fawad Kazi KSSG-OKS : Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Ostschweizer Kinderspital .
NA1353 .K38 A4 2018
Kramer, Sibylle Design solutions for urban densification.
NA7125 .K734 2018
Laing, R. (Richard) Digital participation and collaboration in architectural design.
NA2750 .L345 2019
Mettler, Daniel; Studer, Daniel Made of concrete.
NA4125 .M2313 2018
Owen, Davis Brick : Thick/Thin.
TA679 .B758 2017
Peter, Christian; Peter, Christine; Reisch, Daniel; Temme, Katinka Stairs.
NA3060 .P4813 2018
Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Firm); Fernández-Galiano, Luis; RCR Arquitectes Pezo von Ellrichshausen : geometric abstraction.
NA869 .P49 A4 2017
Psarra, Sophia The Venice variations : tracing the architectural imagination.
DG674.2 .P73 2018
Schittich, Christian Gebäude, die Zeichen setzen : ein Blick auf drei Jahrzehnte Architektur = Landmark buildings : a review of three decades of architecture.
NA680 .S357 2017
Tan, Ekim Play the city : games informing the urban development.
NA9050 .T36 2017
Union of Architecture University in Seoul Archi-culture.
NA2268.6 .A1 A73 2017
Weiss, Kristoffer Lindhardt; Sokol, David B. Nordic architects : global impacts.
NA1208.6 .W45 2017
The future of museum and gallery design : purpose, process, perception
NA6690 .F88 2018
Macías Peredo.
NA759 .M23 A4 2017
Perspectives : Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
NA759 .B55 A4 2017
Steiner's diary : über Architektur seit 1959 = about architecture since 1959.
NA2599.8 .S84 A25 2016
Babalis, Dimitra; Townshend, Tim G. Urban waterfronts and cultural heritage: new perspectives and opportunities.
NA9053 .W38 U73 2018
Babalis, Dimitra; Townshend, Tim G. Urban waterfronts and cultural heritage: new perspectives and opportunities.
NA9053 .W38 U73 2018
bartbuchhofer (Firm); Joanelly, Tibor; Wirz, Heinz bartbuchhofer.
NA1353 .B256 A4 2018
Beattie, James Gardens at the frontier : new methodological perspectives on garden history and designed landscapes.
SB451 .G3748 2018
Bogdanović, Bogdan; Kulić, Vladimir Bogdanović by Bogdanović : Yugoslav memorials through the eyes of their architect.
NA1453 .B58 A4 2018
Bridle, James New dark age : technology and the end of the future.
T14.5 .B75 2018
Cooking Sections (Group) The empire remains shop
N6797 .C657 A64 2018
Elkin, Rosetta Sarah Tiny taxonomy.
SB472 .E45 2017
Gijs, Pieterjan; Nuijsink, Cathelijne; Vaerenbergh, Arnout van Gijs Van Vaerenbergh : cross section.
NA1173 .G555 A4 2017
Gilbert, Ross Movable architecture.
NA2542.36 .M69 2018
Gilderbloom, John Ingram Chromatic homes : the joy of color in historic places.
NA2795 .G557 2018
Henley Halebrown (Firm); Strange, Hugh Henley Halebrown, London.
NA997 .H45 A4 2018
Kaijima, Momoyo; Stalder, Laurent; Iseki, Yū Architectural ethnography.
NA2543 .S6 A73 2018