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New Books

November 2018
Nature, place & people : forging connections through neighbourhood landscape design.
SB472.7 .N38 2018
Apel-Muller, Mireille; Conan, Yuna Passages : transitional spaces for the 21st-century city.
HT185 .P37 2017
Casa da Arquitectura Power architecture.
NA2543 .S6 P687 2017
Degli Esposito, Lorenzo Milan, capital of the modern.
NA1121 .M5 M5513 2017
Gleich, Moritz; Stalder, Laurent Architecture/machine : programs, processes, and performances.
NA2750 .A678 2017
Ketz, Simon; Chipperfield, David On planning - a thought experiment.
HT166 .K75 2018
Ovink, Henk Too big : rebuild by design : a transformative approach to climate change.
HT167.5 .N42 O95 2018
Patteeuw, Véronique; Szacka, Léa-Catherine Mediated messages : periodicals, exhibitions and the shaping of postmodern architecture.
NA682 .P67 M43 2018
Peters, Terri Design for health : sustainable approaches to therapeutic architecture.
RA967 .D464 2017
Rappaport, Nina Paranoazinho : city-making beyond Brasilia : Rafael Birmann and Sunil Bald.
NA9031 .P375 2017
Richardson, Lucy Ryder 100 midcentury chairs and their stories.
NK2715 .R53 2017
Skinner, Patricia; Tyers, Theresa The medieval and early modern garden in Britain : enclosure and transformation, c. 1200-1750.
SB457.54 .M43 2018
Tomitsch, Martin Making cities smarter : designing interactive urban applications.
TD159.4 .T66 2018
Torrado, Cedric Boavida; Atelier M Architects + Planners Atelier MA + P : 30.
NA1173 .M34 A4 2017
Xi, Junjie Small-scale public transportable and pre-fabricated buildings : evaluating their functional performance.
NA8480 .X5 2018
October 2018
Retooling Metropolis : working landscapes, emergent urbanism.
HT175 .R4775 2017
Waterworks in the Netherlands : tradition and innovation.
TC978 .N4 K73 2017
Bardi, Lina Bo; Watari, Etsuko Lina Bo Bardi.
NA859 .B37 A4 2017
Bergdoll, Barry; Massey, Jonathan Marcel Breuer : building global institutions.
NA737 .B68 M273 2018
Brownlee, David Bruce Building the city beautiful : the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
NA9127 .P4 B85 2017
Crinson, Mark Alison and Peter Smithson.
NA997 .S57 C75 2018
Dollard, Tom Designed to perform : an illustrated guide to providing energy efficient homes.
NA2542.3 .D65 2018
Futagawa, Yoshio Adolf Loos : Villa Müller, Prague, Czech, 1928-30, Villa Moller, Vienna, Austria, 1926-27.
NA1011.5 .L6 A4 2017
Jahren, Per; Sui, Tongbo History of concrete : a very old and modern material.
TA439 .J34 2017
Karacabeyli, Erol; FPInnovations Technical guide for the design and construction of tall wood buildings in Canada
TH4818 .W6 T43 2014 STL
Long, Christopher Adolf Loos on trial.
NA1011.5 .L6 L66 2017
Mack, Gerhard Herzog & de Meuron Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.
NA6840 .G32 H354 2018
Markgraf, Monika Bauhaus world heritage site.
N332 .G33 B42682 2017
Mortensen, Peder Duelund Homes - ensembles - city : housing and welfare in Copenhagern.
NA7863 .D4 M67 2018
Na, Jinyoun Conceptual idea.
NA2750 .C6423 2017 v.1-2 STL
Rowe, Peter G.; Mostafavi, Mohsen Design thinking in the digital age.
NA2728 .R69 2017
Steenhuis, Marinke; Meurs, Paul Beyond the dikes : how the Dutch work with water.
TC277 .S844 2017
Woollen, Malcolm Erik Gunnar Asplund : landscapes and buildings.
NA1293 .A8 W66 2019
Zervan, Marian Vladimír Dedeček : interpretations of his architecture : the work of a post war Slovak architect.
NA1455 .S543 D4338 2018
An enduring wilderness : Toronto's natural parklands.
FC3097.65 .B87 2017 STL & E-Res
Ashizawa, Keiji On honest design : the design works collection of Keigi Ashizawa.
NA1559 .A83 A4 2017
Beatley, Timothy; Jones, Carla; Rainey, Reuben Healthy environments, healing spaces : practices and directions in health, planning, and design.
RA967 .H48 2018
Borden, Gail Peter New essentialism : material architecture.
NA2750 .B657 2018
Elser, Oliver; Wüstenrot Foundation SOS brutalism
NA682 .B7 S67 2017 v.1-2
Flyntz, Liz; Howe, David Everitt The present is the form of all life : the time capsules of Ant Farm and LST.
N6494 .C63 P74 2016